How to Find Us


The Old School at Careston is located 3.5 miles West of Brechin and one mile North of the A90 (The main Perth to Aberdeen Road).

Use of the DD9 6SA Post Code using a Satellite Navigation unit gives the incorrect location, it places the Post Code at Peat Hill, Careston approximately half a mile from the Old Schools location.

Using Latitude and Longitude type in 56.7335,-2.7636 in Google Maps in the search box and this will identify the exact location of the Old School.

Using an Ordinance Survey Map use map issue NO and grid reference 534605.

Local Amenities

Nearest Town with Fuel & shops:
Brechin 3.5 miles East
Forfar 10 miles West

Nearest Town with Railway Station:
Montrose 14 miles West

Nearest City:
Dundee 24 miles South

Nearest Cities with major Airports:
Aberdeen airport 49 miles North
Edinburgh airport 80 miles South